Essex Wasp Removals is the leading specialist in the control and removal of wasps, bees and hornets.  We offer a same day, low cost pest control service, protecting homes and businesses throughout Essex.

Customer safety is always our priority.  It can be tempting to try and deal with wasps independently, however they pose lots of risks and an expert can deal with the wasps & bees safely.

Stocked with the latest pesticides and technologies, your wasp or hornet problems will be dealt with both fast and efficiently.  All work is guaranteed.  If the nest is in a hard to reach area, including at a height, we are equipped to deal with this.  There are no up-front fees; we will ensure you are happy with the service provided first.

Essex Wasp & Bee Removals is a professional and family run service that prides itself on the excellent referrals from previous clients.  We give expert recommendations and have a professional approach to pest control management, considering ourselves to be one of the leading pest control companies in Essex, removing wasps, bees and hornets.  We promise a 100% guarantee that all traces of wasp, bees and hornets nests will be destroyed and removed from your premises during our work.

We will not be beaten on service and are always happy to offer free advice – safety is always our priority.  Also, we offer significant discounts for any additional wasp or hornet nests you may have (subject to being at the same address).


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Wasps will build their nests from April and through the summer months.  This can be a particular nuisance as this is often the time where you are enjoying BBQs and alfresco dining.  Wasps are attracted to food and drink, and if they have a nest nearby in your home, they not only will be an annoyance, but will pose a risk to you and your loved ones.
When looking for a place to build their nest, wasps will choose any cracks or crevices that have a suitable space behind it.  Most likely in your home or property, this would be garden walls, outbuildings and garages, chimneys or attic space.
At the peak of the summer, wasp nests can inhabit up to 10,000 wasps!  This needs to be managed professionally, and Essex Wasp Removals uses the best methods to ensure both the wasps and the larvae are destroyed.  We manage wasp nests in both domestic and commercial properties, as well as outdoor spaces.


Social wasps build a new nest each year & the average colony may contain between 4,000 to 8,000 wasps

The two species most often found in the UK are the Common wasp and the German wasp

Only female wasps sting using a modified egg-laying tube connected to a venom sac

Despite their bright ‘warning colours’, wasps are a food source for birds such as warblers, bluebirds and house wrens

Wasp Nest Removal

Again, whilst there are methods out there for dealing with wasp nests independently, the best and safest way is to contact a professional. We are trained to handle and remove wasp nests, and have a through knowledge of wasp nests and wasp behaviour, making the job effective and safe. Here’s why a professional wasp removal service is the preferred method:

Professional Products

We have access to a range of professional products not available to the public. We are expertly trained in identifying the best product for removal, and how to use these. These are stronger and more effective than DIY products.

Safety Equipment

Essex Wasp Removals has Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory protective Equipment (RPE) which provides he necessary protection from wasp stings and the chemicals and materials used in wasp next removal.

Expert Training and Knowledge

We understand wasp behaviour and instincts and will be able to recognise the signs of an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. Also, we know how to successfully manage a wasp nest in small as well as confined spaces.
Useful Information about Wasps
How do I spot the wasps? If wasps are becoming a noticeable problem in your home/outdoor space, it is useful to observe them for a short time and spot a location they seem to be appearing from and disappearing into. Then contact Essex Wasp Removals and we will be able to manage the wasps professionally from there.
Useful Information about Wasps
They don’t just have a sweet tooth! Wasps are attracted to all sorts of food, not just sticky sugars as is often believed. They enjoy protein also, and are just as likely to consume meat as they are to be buzzing around sweets, drinks, and ice creams.
Useful Information about Wasps
Can I just leave them to disappear? Unfortunately, wasps will continue to multiply throughout the summer months. Once winter approaches most of the males will die off, but first they will mate and more males and females will be produced and fly off to make their own nests, then the queens will then hibernate until ready lay eggs and allow the whole process to start again.

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